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April 3, 2009

LaDredge Outdoors Free Giveaway

Alright folks,
On the Xtremely Alberta Outdoors website we are having an ice fishing picture contest and the winner gets two predator series Teaser Leaders.
The teaser leaders are amazingly effective for ice fishing on a dead line such as a tip-up, dead rod but can also be vertically jigged or trolled to help entice the bite. The leaders were designed to mimic schooling baitfish from a distance and coax that monster in for a closer look! Personally, I have used these leaders and on days when nothing is happening whatever tip-up this is on gets slammed!!
So get to the website, join the forum, post your best ice fishing picture from 2008-09 and thats it! That easy.

What are you waiting for?

Xtremely Alberta Outdoors
LaDredge Outdoors

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