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April 3, 2009

First Times a Charm?

Well, I tend to believe that I am not the first car in the blogging train as this 'blogging' has become quite popular for the average individual to speak out what they want heard and for that reason I think it can be a great tool, especially to us outdoors men(woman).
I started up a website called Xtremely Alberta Outdoors and its primary focus was to educate the average folk, like myself, on what really works in the field; whether that be gear or tactics we are always looking for that extra edge to up our game and why should we have to fall short? The truth of the matter is that these 'pro staff' members of the high volume company's are in fact great hunters and fisherman but at the same time they also possess the ability to hunt where the big bucks are, to pull blades over North America's finest walleye waters and showcase this with the 'best' gear on the market. So I guess it raises the question, does all this fancy equipment really work or are we being fooled?
Chances are that it does in fact work but like I stated above it is being used in the best circumstances which again, goes back to the average folk like ourselves reading the magazines, watching the DVDs and gocking at banners on every online source that is available to us tempting our weak minds to BUY THIS NOW because Lee and Tiffany use it, or Bill Dance swears by it. So, we buy it.. try it and just can't seem to produce the size or numbers that they do! Why? Because the secrets will never be shown for the simple fact that it leaves that feeling of wanting something ya can't have. And in their defense, they are so busy marketing, filming and going to trade shows that it is hard to really show what to do with the merchandise so that is where I wanted to come in and really break it down for all of us.
In regards to my website, Alberta is a popular choice when it comes to a trophy class hunting destination but as far as the outdoor industry goes it is virtually untouched. The goal at Xtremely Alberta Outdoors and now, my personal blog site is to explain how to use, where to go, times of the year and the simple but forgotten things to do when on your next adventure.

For example: Personally, I have been an avid follower of the In-Fisherman Magazine from the day I was old enough to bend my finger and click 'on' the remote and my network of choice was TNN Outdoors Saturday and Sunday mornings so I, Brandon Heather, could out fish my mentor and sportsman idol... my Dad! These shows would break things down to what seemed so simple.. like "Jigs for Post Spawn Walleye". Man, Ill tell you this right now... I am almost certain that the average weekend angler wouldn't be able to tell ya what that means by hearing it and to watch it only adds a small portion of skill and more than likely that episode was watched for sheer enjoyment. There just isn't enough time in a 20 minute episode to explain what they are really doing, so I took what I watched and applied it on the water and believe me when I say this... I invented some pretty wacky rigs. ha ha. Just ask my dad. But it takes trial and error and that is what I am trying to get at here and why I want to post blogs, editorial and reviews so that the rest of the world can get a better understanding of what the pros really mean.
I am not saying I know it all, because I don't but what I do know is from extensive amount of hours on the river bank, in a float tube, crawling through cactus and brush, driving back roads and sitting in a tree stand.
I really hope that this can give a better understanding of what it is I personally would like to accomplish and what this blog as well as the website is all about. By all means, criticize this and leave comments because that is what matters to me. If I am not easily understood than I need to look at another approach to help better everyone who reads.

Thanks for reading,
Brandon Heather

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