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The time has come that I will be transferring the blog over to a website format with a blog incorporated. The change will happen in the next few weeks, I will have forwarding information on the blog. Thanks for reading.

December 29, 2009

Another Season Turns....

Another season is done... hunting has come to and end and most local lakes are froze over enough to get a vehicle on and start getting mobile. This time of year, is the time of year that I get a little stir crazy and start to loose my mind a bit, in a good way I like to think.
Ice Fishing. Those two words can do more to my soul that most woman, I cant even deny it. There is just something about an ice shelter, heater, minnows and chubby darters that drive me wild! Maybe its the chance at a hog walleye or pike, or a jumbo perch 35 feet down chasing a fiska on my flasher; regardless I think I am a bit crazy as is to be on a sheet of ice and snow in -20 Celsius fishing.