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December 29, 2009

Another Season Turns....

Another season is done... hunting has come to and end and most local lakes are froze over enough to get a vehicle on and start getting mobile. This time of year, is the time of year that I get a little stir crazy and start to loose my mind a bit, in a good way I like to think.
Ice Fishing. Those two words can do more to my soul that most woman, I cant even deny it. There is just something about an ice shelter, heater, minnows and chubby darters that drive me wild! Maybe its the chance at a hog walleye or pike, or a jumbo perch 35 feet down chasing a fiska on my flasher; regardless I think I am a bit crazy as is to be on a sheet of ice and snow in -20 Celsius fishing.

December 27th, 2009 - In the photo above is my brother Tyler, with a very healthy Walleye caught mid afternoon in that 35 foot mark on a tiny custom tied wire jig and a maggot. Throughout the day we would caught the odd thick bar come in and watch the perch scatter on our flashers but couldn't get any commitment from the bigger predators until this guy. Didn't happen to get a scale on 'em but figure he will go in that solid 4lb maybe push 5lb mark and you can never complain when that happens.

December 24th, 2009 - Above in this photo it is once again the younger brother smashing off his nice yellow perch caught a few days before. Fortunately for him, he wasn't around to snap a few shots of the Walleye and bigger perch that I landed.

Tips this Winter:
You know, ice fishing just fuels my fire and there are so many new products out there that look like they will make you an Al Linder on the ice but the simple fact is just keep it simple. If Walleye fishing is your fancy then stick to deep flats during mid day and try and find some shelves with a quick drop. Early mornings and late evenings 15 feet or less is a great place to find them feeding, a weed flat is about the best or a gravel bed if possible. As for hooks, the good old simple jigging flyer's work great for locating fish and going small with pan sized jigs tipped with maggots or even minnow heads. Jigging spoons work amazing as well if the fish are feeding a little more heavily and have noticed chartreuse, gold, and red to be popular colors.
And if you don't want to believe me on this little tips, then believe this... if you buy a flasher of any kind whether it be a lower end MarCum, Vexilar, Hummingbird or a Showdown you will catch more fish and learn and study how fish feed and react. Without a flasher, this past trip I would have never known there was a Walleye belly to the bottom and never known he was being picky and chasing it but not enticed and with that being said I did change hooks 7 times and finally got my chance but missed the hook set. It makes ice fishing more enjoyable on slow days and less time wasted sitting jigging when nothing is there.

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