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The time has come that I will be transferring the blog over to a website format with a blog incorporated. The change will happen in the next few weeks, I will have forwarding information on the blog. Thanks for reading.

January 19, 2010

Tip-Up Pike.... Nothing Like It

Northern Pike fishing through the ice is sometimes thought to be an easy task, something that anyone can do but it isn't always the case. There are days that the flag just will not spring no matter what
a do or what depth you have it set but when you do get on them, boy... it is well worth the wait.Here in Alberta we aren't fortunate enough to use live bait such as suckers or fatheads we are stuck with dead bait and sometimes this can cause some slower fishing but if ya do a few smaller things added to a normal dead bait set -up I can assure you that you will increase the amount of Pike landed this winter.

January 7, 2010

In Depth Outdoors with James Holst and Gang

In Depth Outdoors has caught my attention about a year ago and since that day I have been absolutely addicted to their video production. It is informative, exciting and James will get you on some big fish! It is nice to see guys showing, and explaining "In Depth" what is going on. Check out this video from them, Tip Up Tips, you will not be disappointed.