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April 5, 2009


Man... what a horrible disease isn't it? It is sick to see a deer stumbling around because it's brain is malfunctioning and in turn the animal is dieing. It is amazing that they manage to live that long in Alberta with our vast amount of predators.
Correct me if I'm wrong but is the disease not the outcome of too many animals being bred together (family) and is it not the same thing as what goes for humans? So, how does this disease enter our wildlife population... my only logical assumption is that there are too many game farms! Have you seen the height of the fences, if a deer really wanted to jump it they can and they will during the 'rut' for the simple fact that the buck is going to get that doe and that is all he has on his mind. It is starting to make sense now isn't it?
Alberta doesn't have a lot of game farms but Saskatchewan is littered with them hence the reason being on the eastern side of the province. So, what solution is there? Shut down game farms. I DO NOT see a reason to have them, at all.
If the regular city folks want to eat 'wild' meat then go shoot a deer don't buy it, some people want the velvet, so put up a fence that is 30 feet high and do your thing, and of course some hunters want their fresh dose of natural urine for the upcoming season, what is wrong with synthetics? I have used synthetic scents for years and have had endless amounts of deer come and sniff what I put in my scrape.
I just don't see a reason for it and it is ruining our wildlife.
Do you see a reason for it? If you do, I want to hear from you...

Thanks Deer Passion for your inspiration to quickly rant about this.

After looking into CWD, I will admitingly say that DeerPassion is more accurate than I am or was, atleast from all the records here in Alberta it has always been said that it was caused by excessive breeding which in turn reflects back to game farms. I now have read that it is in fact a protein from contaminated soils. What I don't understand is this... why is it not addressed more? and instead of examining the heads (brain) of the animal look into where this animal was shot and do the research on the soil. It is weird that only certain area's of our province are affected and not the rest. Very interesting, thanks Passion... I stand corrected :)


  1. I agree keep those deer in and let nature do her thing. As far as high fences I live in the high fence capitol of the world..... TEXAS. It has put hunting out of reach for the aveage hunter. We havent had trouble with CWD yet but hopefully we wont. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the comments and Texas is a little different story! You folks don't have the luxery anymore to hunt public lands. Your ranches are just that, ranches. Not game farms, and if you are hunting ranches chances are they are big enough to support a big number of game too!

  3. Ok Brandon, I'm going to have to correct you a little bit. CWD is a transmissible disease. Exact cause of transmission isn't known, but it is believed to be transmitted when deer and elk eat grass growing in contaminated soil. It's actually caused by something known as a prion, an abnormal protein that affects the nervous system - thus the shutting down of the brain and the central nervous system.

    Further research has shown that while we don't know how the disease first started, the infectious prions can not be easily eradicated. These prions are known to have long incubation periods which means that they can survive for years in infected soil. Deer on game ranches or wild deer are both susceptible to the disease and simply killing everything isn't going to solve the problem or stop the disease.

  4. okay. that is the first that I have heard this, however I have read many of times that it is also cause from over breeding of animals. I agree, killing them all off doesn't solve anything.. I also think that there can be many causes. Regardless, they should do a little more research and as far as game farms go I still don't agree with them at all. There's the select few where I have talked to the farmers and they keep a strict watch on their fences (height) and intruders. Thanks for the extra info, I will be looking into doing some more research on that because we both have answers that are said to be true. Thanks