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April 6, 2009

Dollar Store Flies - Part 2

Well, ya didn't have to wait long to get part 2 of the Dollar Store flies. I snapped a few pictures of materials and a few flies that I have tied. There are only 3 flies, I apologize, but I can't give away all my secrets now can I? haha.

Well, here is a good selection of beads that you can buy at most dollar stores in their craft section. These beads are a clear outer, and colored on the inside. They leave an excellent 'hidden' accent to the fly. I like using these to tie nymphs, puppa and using them for heads on other flies. There are a ton of different colors that are good for doing natural patterns and attractor.

Next on the list are just some miscellanius materials that I picked up that work well and are very affordable. There is a super glue, necklace (use them for eyes), containers and doll eyes. All products that would cost a heck of a lot more than at a dollar store.

Last but not least, its just 3 patterns that I have tied with these materials on popular patterns. You can virtually use these in any pattern that you choose, your options are wide open. There are two Booby Clousers and one Deceiver. I don't know why the pictures are being posted the way they are, if someone can troubleshoot that for me it would be great.

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